Populace encouraged to ask ?s for Town Hall sessions, e.g. next Sun. Also, membership assistance ($) is still available.

a few things from today’s (Feb 21, 2021) EK Senechals’ office hours meeting. ___ 1. Populace encouraged to ask ?s by sending to local seneschal, by evening of Sat Feb 27, 2021, for the Northern Town Hall Sun at 3-4pm EST. (link to the EK Event listing for the Town Hall sessions: https://www.eastkingdom.org/event-details/?eid=3686; Zoom meeting links forthcoming) .___2. The Membership Assistance Fund is a no-questions asked way to stay active in SCA. In particular, officers need to be paid sustaining members. Use this link if you need help, or contact your local seneschal. https://www.sca.org/news/establishing-the-membership-assistance-fund/ .+2b. For those who have extra capacity, The Knowne World Outlaw Philanthropists Guild is accepting donations. All monies will go directly to supporting individuals and local branches in financial difficulties (e.g. Loaner gear). To donate, you can go to PayPal (Known World Outlaw Philanthropists guild – KWOPGContact @gmail.com) . Donations get forwarded to SCA, Inc.

Business Meeting Feb 9, 2021, from 7:30-8:30 PM EST.

Wyndriche quarterly business meeting via G-Meet: —– Meeting ID = meet.google.com/htx-uwck-cczPhone Numbers (‪US‬) ‪+1 616-755-6542‬ PIN: ‪142 138 254# Agenda here as PDF. —-Primary purpose is for discussion by members of this SCA branch & about this branch.Others are welcome, but should be silent observers until near the end of meeting.Please contact Wyndriche’s Seneschal via the Officers page of our website if you plan to attend using a non-SCA account, so you don’t get blocked. Agenda will be Gmailed to invited folks, and posted to our website. Our Facebook (aka FB) places will be used for general invitations, too. – – – – –Quorum is Seneschal, 1 other officer, and 1 other member of Wyndriche. _ _ _ _ _ Prior meeting Nov 4, 2020 – minutes available via History page.