Prep for Endewearde Hunt ongoing

Endewearde has been given permission to go down to the Hunt site and work on putting the place back in order pretty much any time that we want. As autocrat for the upcoming event, Master Godric is developing a list of things that need doing. If you’ve got some energy and want to spend some time outdoors in a constructive way, please consider putting in some time working at the site. ALL of the various campsites need lots of work. You don’t need to wait for a coordinated clean-up day! If you want to head to the site for a few hours of work, please contact either me or Master Godric and get Steve’s number and simply send him a text to let him know you’re planning to head that way. You don’t need to wait for a response. Just text and go. In Service,Lord Gwillim, Seneschal Endewearde ++There is also a GoFundMe for rental of a woodchipper; please consider assisting this way too.