Endewearde Hunt from Oct 6-9, 2023, in Newburgh ME.

The forests of the Barony of Endewearde are vast and even though it is still summer, autumn will soon be upon us and the gentles will gather in the hollow to seek out friendship, knowledge, skill, and fame.

The Endewearde Hunt boasts all these things and more. The maples and oaks watch over as a new Baronial Archery Champion is sought through displays of prowess. Under the pines, people gather to learn arts and sciences from each other. Their Excellencies watch over the populace with love and admiration. Joyous days are had by all.

Endewearde’s premier camping event takes place in Newburgh, Maine, and will be filled with archery and thrown weapons competitions, as well as the selection of Endewearde’s new First Archer (Baronial Archery Champion), the famous Woods Walk (archery vs hidden targets), a potables round table, a vast A&S track including an embroidery challenge, and more!

There will be no day board or feast held at this event.

The site offers primitive camping and above ground fire pits are welcome! Dogs are also permitted but must always remain on a lead. Port-o-Castles will be located throughout the site for your convenience.
The location has no running water.

Please plan accordingly.

Registration fees:
_ Camping the weekend =
Adults $35.00 (Member $30)
Youth (6-17) $10.00
Children (0-5) $0.00

_ Day Tripping =
Adults $25.00 (Member $20)
Youth (6-17) $5.00
Children (0-5) $0.00

Make checks payable to: SCA-Maine, Inc. Endewearde.
Pre Registration is not required.

Event Steward: Master Godric of Hamtun, 207-944-0147, godricofhamtun@gmail.com, mka Raymond Sprague.

If you wish to merchant at the Hunt please contact the Event Steward.

Site opens 9 am Friday October 6. Site closes 1 pm Monday October 9. Everyone must be off site by 1 pm on Monday.

Site address:
2910 Western Ave, Newburgh, ME 04444

Bowyer Workshop Series: Tuesdays, November 3, 10, & 17, 2015

Canton of Wyndriche

Unity College
90 Quaker Way
Unity, ME

Time & Location

The class begins at 7:00 pm at the Thomashow Learning Labs (TLL), Room 104

Thomashow Learning Laboratories (TLL) is connected to Koons Hall on this map of Unity Campus.

Yates Thompson 31 f. 47v Sagittarius

Yates Thompson 31 f. 47v Sagittarius


Ragnarr Inn Grai, Arts & Sciences Minister for the Canton of Wyndriche, will be offering a series of classes on how to construct an archery bow at Unity College in partnership with the Unity College Medieval Reenactment Club. The focus of the class will be a basic longbow from a stave. Ragnarr may also demonstrate a basic longbow from easily obtainable commercial lumber if time and materials are available.

Regarding the number of attendees: the more the merrier. We should have most of the materials covered. Depending on how many attend means that tools will need to be shared. There is no charge for the workshop. If you have any tools such as a draw spoke shave and rasp plane please bring them along.

Classes will be held on Tuesdays on November 3, 10 and 17 at 7:00 pm in room TLL 104. This building is attached to Koons Hall and is in the center of campus

Please contact Ragnarr by email at ragnarr@endewearde.eastkingdom.org if you have any questions about the content of this class.

Social Media Resources

You can visit the facebook page for the Canton of Wyndriche if you need to ask questions about this class.

Please visit the Canton of Wyndriche Bowyer Series Workshop webpage for updated information about this series.