Wyndriche-2015Welcome to the Canton of Wyndriche, a branch of the SCA under the East Kingdom’s Barony of Endewearde. For many years residents in the southern region of the Barony of Endewearde had expressed interest in forming a distinct group that could work together to bring more opportunities for participation in this medieval hobby of ours known as the Society for Creative Anachronism. During the summer of 2013 the incipient Canton of Wyndriche was formed as a smaller SCA branch within the Barony of Endewearde’s borders.

The device for the incipient Canton of Wyndriche uses a field division to symbolize the rolling hills that comprise the local landscape. The colors, tower and laurel all show fealty and participation in the Barony of Endewearde.

The heraldic device for the Canton of Wyndriche is registered under the SCA Ordinary and Armorial as follows:

Wyndriche, Canton of
This branch-name was registered in April of 2014 (via the East).
The following device associated with this name was registered in April of 2014 (via the East): Sable, a tower argent within a laurel wreath, a base indented Or.

Meeting Notes and other organizational files:

Meting notes 8-17-17

Meeting Notes 3-16-17

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Wyndriche Timeline 7-20-16

Wyndriche meeting 8-29-15

Meeting Minutes 2-28-14

Wyndriche 9-7-14

Meeting Notes 6-26-13

Request to form a new canton in the Barony of Endewearde

New Groups package updated 5-21-13

Meeting Notes 5-2-13