You may contact the officers of the Canton of Wyndriche through their SCA East Kingdom email addresses listed below. Newcomers, please contact the Chatelaine & cc the Seneschal.

EKOFFICERS_seneschal_colorSeneshal: Thomas of Wyndriche (he/him)
Administrative Head – required.

Deputy Seneschal: Master Frasier MacLeod

EKOFFICERS_exchequer_colorExchequer: Lady Hrefna Hrodbjortsdottir (she/her)
Financial officer – required.

Deputy Exchequer: vacant
email: none assigned for this office

EKOFFICERS_moas_colorMinister of Arts and Sciences:  Lady Moire Browne
Research and Artistic Endeavors Officer

Deputy A&S – vacant; no email.


EKOFFICERS_chatelaine_colorChatelaine / Newcomers / Welcome: Lord Antony Martin of Sheffield
SCA Newcomer & Demo Contact Officer

Deputy Chatelaine – vacant; no email.

EKOFFICERS_marshal-rapier_color (1)Rapier Combat Marshal: vacant
Marshal of Adult Rapier Combat 

Deputy Rapier Marshal – vacant; no email.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: vacant   (was Sir Cedric of Thanet until Dec 2020) .
Marshal of Adult Thrown Weapons; knives, axes, and spears
email: and CC our Seneschal.

Deputy TW Marshal, or Marshal-in-Training — vacant; no email.

EKOFFICERS_webminister_colorWeb Minister: Thomas of Wyndriche (he/him)
Website administrator
The web minister updates and maintains the Canton of Wyndriche website, and our social media places e.g. Facebook .
email:    _   _

_ Deputy Webminister – vacant; no email.



  • SCA requires at least 1 of: Herald, any Marshal, or A&S officer. Those are in addition to the Seneschal & the Exchequer. This applies to branches designated as a Canton.
  • somebody must take Chatelaine’s duties if that office is vacant.
  • Written SCA laws take precedence over this page’s summary.  Intent here is to remind branch members about what we need.

Updated: 12/27/2020