You may contact the officers of the Canton of Wyndriche via the email addresses listed below.
Folks wishing to learn about or join the SCA, please contact the Chatelaine and cc the Seneschal.

EKOFFICERS_seneschal_colorSeneshal: Lady Moire Browne . . . term ends 11:59pm on Aug 31, 2025.
Administrative Head – required.

Deputy Seneschal: Master Frasier MacLeod

EKOFFICERS_exchequer_colorExchequer: Lady Hrefna Hrodbjortsdottir (she/her)
Financial officer – required.

Deputy Exchequer: Siggi of Wyndriche
email: — not working yet.

EKOFFICERS_moas_colorMinister of Arts and Sciences:  vacant – was Lady Moire Browne
Research and Artistic Endeavors Officer

Deputy A&S – vacant; no email.


EKOFFICERS_chatelaine_colorChatelaine / Newcomers / Welcome: Lord Antony Martin of Sheffield
SCA Newcomer & Demo Contact Officer

Deputy Chatelaine – vacant;
no email.


<icon ??> . . . . . . . . .  Herald: to be Antony Martin of Sheffield; email not yet made.

<icon ??> . . . . . . . . . Emergency Deputy for A&S or Herald or Marshal: vacant;  volunteer wanted soon.


EKOFFICERS_marshal-rapier_color (1)Rapier Combat Marshal: vacant
Marshal of Adult Rapier Combat 

Deputy Rapier Marshal – vacant;
no email.

Thrown Weapons Marshal: vacant  .
Marshal of Adult Thrown Weapons; knives, axes, and spears
email: and CC our Seneschal.

Deputy TW Marshal, or Marshal-in-Training — vacant;
no email.

EKOFFICERS_webminister_colorWeb Minister: Thomas of Wyndriche (he/him)
Website administrator
The web minister updates and maintains the Canton of Wyndriche website, and ensures our social media places (e.g. Facebook page and group for Wyndriche ) are operative.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Deputy Webminister – vacant;   no email.


  • SCA requires at least 1 of: Herald, any Marshal, or A&S officer. Those are in addition to the Seneschal & the Exchequer.  This applies to branches designated as a Canton, which need a minimum of 5 members.
  • Deputies are required for both Exchequer and Seneschal offices.
  • A single Emergency Deputy is needed to handle the other required offices in case the current officer is suddenly incapacitated.  Volunteer wanted.
  • Seneschal and Exchequer must be different folks, and must live in different places. Ditto for Deputies of those offices.
  • somebody must take Chatelaine’s duties if that office is vacant.  Defaults to the Seneschal.
  • All officers must have a physical mailing address within the Lands of Wyndriche, and be paid SCA members in good standing.  It is possible to get a variance vs the residence requirement.
  • Written SCA laws take precedence over this page’s summary.  Intent here is to remind branch members about what we need.

Updated: 8/31/2021